Unboxing: 3D Counter Top Non-Stick Saute Pan

Hey people!

Today we’re going to unbox one of the coveted cooking arsenals in our kitchen world – a non-stick saute pan.

It’s automatic, electric and sensational for occasions calling for a seamless and tasteful cooking drive. Our saute pan comes with handfuls of prominent features you can count on. This unit is manufactured by 3D Appliance – one of the leading appliance manufacturing in the country.

So much for it let’s keep cooking right in!

What’s in the box?
Unit Quantity
Non-Stick Pan 1
Power Cord With Control Probe 1
User Manual 1
Service Center Info 1
Warranty Card 1

Product Non-Stick Saute Pan
Manufacturer 3D Appliance
Model FP-6203
Capacity 1.5 Litters
Voltage 230 Volts (60 Watts)
Weight 4.15 Kilograms
Cook Surface Coating Teflon
Cover Tempered Clear Glass
Component Cast Iron
Lid Knob Cool Touch
Power Probe Trigger Release
What’s in it for you?

» Heavy Duty cast iron for posterity and quality.
» Teflon Coated for a non-stick cooking non-mess cooking gig.
» 80mm extra deep to accommodate large roasting elements.
» Embedded M-shaped heating for faster heat-up and superior heat distribution.

» Tempered glass lid for maximum visibility when cooking.
» Control probe with trigger release for easy power hook-up and control.
» Fully immersible cleaning when probe is removed.
» Cool touch handles and notch for burn-proof cooking
» Comes with thermal fuse for additional safety and comfort.

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For more info kindly visit3D Counter Top Non-Stick Saute Pan.

PRICE PHP 2,500.00 (as of July 2018)
AVAILABILITY All selected/authorized appliance retailing outlets nationwide (Philippines).

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