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My Star Extra Glucometer

MyStar Extra is the first blood glucose meter that provides an estimated A1c value, a key indicator for long-term blood glucose control, at any time. In addition, MyStar Extra provides further blood glucose information on fasting plasma glucose (FPG) trends, as well as a three day FPG average – an important parameter for insulin titration. The device is designed to support you in your insulin therapy management, allowing you to track your insulin therapy progress and better engage with your treatment plan.

MyStar Extra is a supportive meter with simple icons to clearly show progress and engage you in your insulin management to achieve better blood glucose control. (MyStarSanofi)

TGI Unboxing MyStar Glucometer With Lance and Strips

What’s In It For You?

 Estimation of A1c. To enable you to monitor your blood glucose progress between visits to your healthcare provider.

 Fasting BG trend arrows. To help you monitor how your insulin therapy is working.

 Logbook. To enable you to keep track and evaluate how your treatment is going.

TGI Unboxing MyStar Glucometer With Trend Arrow

 Trend arrows show your progress over time. The arrows show how your results are trending in both the logbook and estimated A1c modes In the logbook, fasting blood glucose arrows show the trend over 10-days, helping you to understand how your therapy is working For estimated A1c results, trend arrows let you track changes in your blood glucose over time and may facilitate an informed conversation with your physician.

 Display individual blood glucose results in the logbook. Fasting trend arrows indicate whether your fasting blood glucose readings show an upward, downward or stable trend.

CodingNo code
Sample size0.5 microliters
Average glucose test time5 seconds
Assay methodDynamic Electrochemistry
MemoryStores the previous 500 test results, including the date, time and meal time tag (if enabled) with each reading
Measurement unitsmg/dL or mmol/L (preset to the standard unit generally used in country where the meter was purchased. The user cannot change the unit of measurement setting)
Maximum altitude3,048 m (10,000 ft)
Hematocrit20% to 60%
Operating relative humidity 25% to 90%
Operating temperature10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F)
CalibrationPlasma equivalent
Result range1.1 to 33.3 mmol/L, 20 to 600 mg/dL
SizeL = 65 mm, W = 30 mm, H = 10 mm
Weight49 g (1.7 oz) including batteries
Power source2 replaceable CR2032, 3-volt, lithium batteries
Automatic deactivation1 minute after last user action, 2 minutes when a test strip is inserted

Unique feature and accuracy…
“The MyStar Extra blood glucose meter from Sanofi brings a unique feature in that it is able to provide an HbA1c estimate which is useful for keeping track of your long term blood glucose control between having your clinical HbA1c tests….” – (


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All selected/authorized health retailing outlets nationwide (Philippines).


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PHP 2,500.00 ± (as of September 2019)

Advantage of the MyStar Sanofi Technology

Dynamic Electrochemistry® is a technology which extracts a spectrum of information from the blood that is inaccessible to traditional methods. This method compensates for many interfering factors, ensuring accurate and reliable blood glucose readings. MyStar Extra fully complies with the ISO 15197:2013 International Standard.

TGI Unboxing MyStar Glucometer Feature Image
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What's In The Box?

Note however that upon purchase, Lancets/Fine Needles and Test Strips may or may not be included.

TGI Unboxing MyStar Glucometer What's In The Box
Glucometer Tester Unit Lancing Device
Pouch Warranty Card
User’s Manual Quick Notes (Inside Pauch)
Lancets (Optional) Precaution Notes

Complete Testing Set includes:

Test Strips Lancets

Take A Closer Look

How to use MyStar Glucometer

*These instructions are only a guideline. Please read through the operating instructions carefully before using MyStar Extra® for the first time.

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Download MyStar Extra Quick User Guide:

For more information visit Sanofi MyStar Extra Glucometer.


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TGI Unboxing MyStar Glucometer Feature Image

My Star Extra Glucometer

MyStar Extra is the first blood glucose meter that provides an estimated A1c value, a key indicator for long-term blood glucose control, at any time.


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    1. Hi Rahat,

      The lancet is available at any drugstore where you are for sure.

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  1. Hi…where can I find the mystar glucometer? It seemed that it had run out of stock from the stores. I got mine from my doc and I misplaced it somewhere.

    1. Hi Lourdina,

      The one that we have here was given for free from a doctor. I bet this one is available at Shopee and Lazada as I have checked it out.

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