Asus ROG GT51 Gaming PC Rig

This entry from Taiwanese tech giant ASUS wouldn't come with a humongous price without a good cause.  Armed with the ...
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Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop

Razer is well known for their Razer Blade and Razer Blade Pro lineup of gaming laptops. However, not everyone can ...
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Razer Wolverine Gaming Controller

The Wolverine Ultimate looks like a dolled-up, space-age version of a regular Xbox One controller. But in-hand it’s a different ...
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Razer Mano War Overwatch Gaming Headset

Welcome to the world of Audio nirvana with Razer’s Tournament grade gaming headset. It knows exactly what you are in ...
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Razer Lancehead Gaming Mouse

Razer is one of the most reputed gaming accessory provider in the gaming arena. They in fact came out with ...
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Razer Blade Stealth Ultrabook

Incredible performance in an incredibly small but terrible compact size. It houses 30% percent increase in performance courtesy of it's ...
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Basic Structures and Operations of a Hard Disk Drive

As of this writing, hard disks drives are still the major secondary storage device for desktop computers as well as ...
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2018 Most Powerful PC Processors

Ok. So, you're curious or you're looking for a PC Processors that will make your data processing fly like the ...
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Z730 Gaming M5 MoBo

Socket 1151 CPU (Maximum Support) i7 Chipset Intel® Z370 Chipset Operating System Windows Operating System Graphics Support Unit Direct X ...
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