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AirDisc – A Filipino Airconditioning Breakthrough

Maria Yzabell Angel V. Palma is the name behind the airconditioning breakthrough that would potentially become a disruptive technology in the cooling playing field.

Photo: Philippine Information Agency

Yza is a De La Salle University mechanical engineering major who came up with an AirDisc prototype that introduces an air conditioning technology that leaves little to no carbon footprint by consuming less energy and by not using any chemical refrigerants.

Photo: Yza Angel Palma through

It was by chance that the AirDisc, the central technology in this brainchild, was invented while Yza was engrossed on a high school project at the Philippine Science High School (Bicol Campus). Her project was an AirWave Oven who fathered her then AirDisc technology. She noticed that the project was emitting cold air instead. So, “…why no use this cold air instead” for airconditioning, she exclaimed.

Photo: Yza Angel Palma through

She consulted her father being a mechanical engineer himself in the development of the technology. She noticed that customary airconditioning use high pressure and low volume coupled by chemical refrigerant to produced desirable cooling output.

A lightbulb moment was switched on to her, why not create the reverse instead – come up with a low pressure and high volume air conditioner instead.  From there, she produced the AirDisc, which consists of a compressor based on low compression pressure and high volume of air molecules as a refrigerant. The system will allow air conditioners to function on 150 watts only.


Yza had her own slice of predicament in his growing years as a typical Filipina student. She is well aware of the skyrocketing electric bills and cost by every common Filipino family. Such when she was tired, hot and grumpy taking strides from school and she wants to cool herself with an aircon from her grandma’s room, only to be told about the cost of switching it on.

She has now the chance to put cooling matters into her own hands. Yza has already gained recognition from the International Federation of Inventors’ Association (IFIA), and won multiple awards from different organizations.

According to the Philippine Information Agency (PIA), her invention has already gained support from other interested companies willing to capitalize for its commercial production. Yza is enjoining other companies in bringing forth cleaner cooling technology – more in particular her brainchild the AirDisc system.

Besides being interested in cleaner alternative for airconditioning, she’s getting tab’s on to how electric power plant works and maybe to some other future technology.

As of this writing, Yza’s invention is on it’s prototype and in its way taking shape for formal production as well as local and international patent applications.

Photo: Yza Angel Palma through

I’m betting on her – and I know you do! Way more to go Yza!

Solarworld Sunmodule Plus Solar Panel (SWA 290 – 300 MONO)

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Cell dimensions 6 in x 6 in (156 mm x 156 mm)
Front Tempered safety glass with ARC (EN 12150)
Back Multi-layer polymer backsheet, white
Frame Black anodized aluminum
J-Box IP65
Connector PV wire (UL4703) with Amphenol UTX connectors
Module fire performance (UL 1703) Type 1
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Width 39.40 in (1001 mm)
Height 1.30 in (33 mm)
Weight 39.7 lb (18.0 kg)
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