Unboxing: Panasonic Split-Type Inverter Air Conditioning Unit

Welcome to the unboxing of Panasonic’s new generation air conditioning product lines. The unit that we will be unboxing brings the prominent feature as bearing the Inverter Type technology which boost it’s remarkable effect in power consumption. Inverter Type air conditioning technology is said mitigate and lower your power consumption of up to 60%.

This air cooling technology showcase has definitely more elaborate features. So, let’s check it out!

What’s in the box?
Unit Quantity
Indoor Unit 1 (CS-PU12TKQ)
Outdoor Unit 1 (CU-PU12TKQ)
Remote Control 1
Wall mount (Remote) 1
Batteries  2 (AAA)
User’s Manual 1
Warranty Card 1
Refrigerant Info Sheet 1
Model » Indoor – CS-PU12TKQ
» Outdoor – CU-PU12TKQ
Cooling Capacity 3.06 (0.92-3.80)Kw / 9,140 (3,020-11,340)kJ
EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) 13.44 (13.42-12.81) kJ/hW
Voltage 230 Volts
Power Input 680 Watts
Air Circulation » Indoor – 10.0 (355) m3/min (ft3/min)
» Outdoor – 27.3 (960) m3/min (ft3/min)
Noise Level » Indoor – 36/26/23 dB-A
» Outdoor – 47 dB-A
Dimensions » Height – 11-7 inches
» Width – 31-15 inches
» Dept – 7-25 inches
Weight » Indoor – 8 kilograms
» Outdoor – 20 kilograms
Refrigerant Pipe Diameter » Liquid Slide – 1/4 inches
» Gas Slide – 1/2 inches
Pipe Extension » Chargeless Pipe Length – 7.5 meters
» Maximum Pipe Length – 20 meters
» Maximum Elevation Length – 15 meters
Power Supply Outdoor

What’s in it for you?

» Energy Saving & Precise Temperature Control. Panasonic’s INVERTER reduces power consumption by varying the speed of the compressor according to temperature changes with the aim of minimizing the temperature fluctuations so you can enjoy consistent
cooling comfort.

» Quick Cooling & Constant Comfort. PAM increases the power output to accelerate compressor speed at start up to deliver powerful cool air. Once the set temperature is reached, PWM controls the compressor speed to maintain the set temperature for comfortable ambiance without wasting energy.

» The Panasonic INVERTER air conditioner varies the rotation speed of the compressor, providing a precise method of maintaining the set temperature. Thus, Panasonic INVERTER air conditioners give you exceptional energy saving performance while ensuring you stay comfortable at all times.

» ECONAVI is a high-precision sensor technology that detects where energy is usually wasted and adjusts cooling power according to room conditions and activity levels.

» At Panasonic, we are committed to healthier lifestyles and to reducing our environmental footprint. That’s why our air  conditioners have been increasingly adopting the more eco-friendly R32 refrigerant.

» A rugged design ensures that the air conditioners will continue to keep the room comfortable, and provide reliable operation for many years. Panasonic believes this is the true value of an air conditioner. And that is why we subject them to a wide range of stringent durability tests.

» Panasonic’s Air Conditioners are subject to the highest international industrial quality standards.

» Panasonic’s wireless remote controller features a large Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panel which makes it even more user-friendly. So you can sit back and enjoy easy operation and long-lasting comfort from your Panasonic Air Conditioner.

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For more info please visit Panasonic Split-Type Inverter Air Conditioning.

PRICE PHP 37,000.00 ± (as of June 2018)
AVAILABILITY All selected/authorized appliance retailing outlets nationwide (Philippines)

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      1. Best things about these coolers is that they are fitted with Inverter type technology. It offer whooping savings on your electric savings.

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