Unboxing: Panasonic Brand New NN-ST342M Microwave Oven

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Today, we will be unboxing a brand new offering from Panasonic. A turntable type NN-ST342M Microwave Oven.

The unit is little hefty with its accommodating size that would  swallow a medium-sized turkey. The design is elegant enough for the showing and control panels are highly responsive at a slight of a touch. With it’s multi touch functions cooking and monitoring at different level is of a breeze.

Know more about this cooking sensation. Let’s check this out!

What’s in the box?
Unit Quantity
Microwave Oven 1
Turntable 1
Holder Ring 1
Users Manaul 1

Manufacturer Panasonic
Model NN-ST342M
Oven Capacity 25L
Door Color Silver
Oven Interior Painted Gray
Inverter No
Control Panel Touch Automatic
Turntable 288mm Glass
Cooking Micro Power Yes
Auto Reheat Yes
Auto Defrost Yes
Menu Settings 9 Menu Settings
Safety Child Lock
Cooking Power 700 Watts
Power Consumption 1200 Watts
Packaging Dimensions (12.5in x 20.5in x 17in) H × W × D
Unit Dimensions (11.2in x 19in x 15.7in) H × W × D
Weight 15kg
Form Factor Freestanding

What’s in it for you?

» Stylish and elegant design makes the Panasonic microwave oven a lifestyle item suitable for any kitchen. It features with 9 Auto menu, Auto Reheat and Turbo Defrost.

» The NN-ST342M delivers powerful accurate cooking to all types of foods with convenient preset, automatic cooking features. Designed with a touch-pad, glass door screen, and push open handle for convenience as well as an easy clean finish, this microwave makes a great addition to any 220 Volt kitchen.

» The Panasonic NN-ST342M 25 Liter Microwave oven is built with the latest innovative and most intelligent Panasonic technology to simplify your life at home.

» Stylish and Compact 800W 25L Microwave Oven. The Panasonic NN-ST342 Microwave oven offers 5 power levels to cook, defrost, or reheat any variety of foods quickly and precisely. The preset Auto cook, reheat, and Turbo defrost features makes for effortless, powerful cooking.

» Simple Auto Menu Cooking/Reheating. With nine different auto menu programs, you can cook all your foods to perfection by simply entering the food type and weight for each meal. The Auto set features target all types of foods ensuring the adequate cook time for each food category.

» Turbo Defrost. The Turbo Defrost feature uses an advanced sequencing system to distribute microwave energy in a new, efficient way reducing the defrost time by 43% than the powerful auto defrost feature.

» Child Safety Lock. Secure with a child safety lock, the Panasonic NN-ST342 keeps children’s fingers from interfering with the oven programming.

» Acrylic lining for easy cleaning. The NN-St342 is designed with an acrylic lining that makes for quick and easy clean up with every use.

(Feature source: 110220Volts)

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For more info kindly visit Panasonic NN-ST324M Microwave Oven.

PRICE PHP 5,500.00 (as of July 2018)
AVAILABILITY All selected/authorized appliance retailing outlets nationwide (Philippines).

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