40 Home-Based Business Ideas

Try dodging few of these home-based business ideas. Do it at your own pace and space with no time constraint or even peer pressure.

An excerpt (re-write) from ENTREPRENEUR Magazine (Summit Media), June 2011 issue

(Prices and figures that corresponds may not be real-time, may change without prior notice and may vary case to case basis)

1.) Freelance Photographer

As photographer, your equipment will eat up most of your capital; camera, lenses, tripod, memory cards, light boxes, light stands, and reflectors.

Startup costs: PHP200, 000-PHP500, 000

2.) Freelance Web Developer

Invest in a computer with the necessary hardware and software. Create and maintain company websites for small companies to big corporations, as well as organizations and individuals.

Startup costs: PHP50, 000-PHP100, 000

3.) Travel Agent

Go beyond the usual booking and arranging of flights and offer customized vacation packages to your clients, anywhere and at any time of the day. Invest heavily on your marketing efforts.

Startup costs: PHP50, 000-PHP100, 000

4.) Catering

Find a niche by providing specialized services like and all-healthy menu, or a finep-dining ambiance. Aside from your employees and delivery system, plan your logistics well.

Startup costs: PHP100, 000-PHP200, 000

5.) Tutor

Offer to tutor students in their homes, schools, or other childcare organizations. Prepare your lesson plans well and spend on marketing.

Startup costs: PHP10, 000-PHP50, 000

6.) Event Planner

Organize everything from weddings, debuts, to birthdays or build a niche in one. Networking is essential in getting new clients. Be creative, detail-oriented, and well-organized.

Startup costs: PHP50, 000-PHP100, 000

7.) T-Shirt Printing

Go traditional with silk-screening or go for more unique and instant designs with iron-on decals. Join bazaars or create your own online boutique.

Startup costs: PHP10, 000-PHP20, 000

8.) Personal Trainer

Provide one-on-one or group fitness sessions in the comfort of your clients’ home or in the gym where they have a membership.

Startup costs: PHP5, 000-PHP20, 000

9.) Direct Selling

Look for a legitimate direct-selling company that genuinely interest you as you will be the one going out to pitch their products to other people.

Startup costs: PHP10, 000-PHP20, 000

10.) Mobile Pet Grooming

Welcome your client’s furry little friends to your home or go to theirs. Make sure you have top-of-the-line equipment and animal-friendly cleaning solvents.

Startup costs: PHP10, 000-P20, 000

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