League of Angels: Hot Female Characters

League of Angels is one of the sexiest RPG online games in the world. Meet their comely and high flying sexiest angels heavens can afford.

Oh, League of Angels by the way combines the fast paced turn-based combat, with beautiful hand drawn art, not yet seen in other browser games.

You wanna meet them? I bet you do!

Come and smell the roses. But caution, they sting like bees!

1.) Fortuna

Fortuna have had the ability to see the future from a tender age, but it never brought her happiness.

She saw the demise of her planet, but she was powerless to change fate.After the saw Tanya become the Dark Lord, Fortuna decided never to use her power of divination.

After the fall of the Angel Empire, Fortuna decided to use her own powers to build a bright future for those she care about.

2. Theresa

Theresa is the only hybrid child of an Angel and a Dragon. She is granddaughter to the Prime Angel and Dragon King Ulysses.

As a child of two ancient rival races, her life is filled with conflict and uncertainty. Since her birth, her heritage has kept her alienated from both races. Her mother was forced to raise Theresa alone in isolation.

Theresa’s childhood was responsible for her independant and rebellious personality. As Theresa grew up, her power began to grow, a result of having both Angel and Dragon blood. Her might far surpassed other Angels. All three Factions wanted her on their side, but the torment she received during her youth was still fresh on her mind.

Theresa turned a blind eye to the Faction’s requests. It was not until the Prime Evils were awakened did she join the League of Angels.

3.) Victoria

It’s undeniable that Victoria has overwhelming power, but it’s really her calmness in battle that makes her fearsome.

In their fight during the Chaos Wars, the Angels granted Victoria use of the Divine Edge. Where she went, Orcs fled and Dragons fell from the sky.

Her name was chanted by the Humans, and she was known as the 3 Saviors along with Glacia and Mikaela.

4.) Liz

Light Envoy Liz is the keeper of Paramount and most trusted follower of Fortuna. Liz is the liaison between the Supreme Council and the Humans.

She was once a servant of Tanya, bright and gifted. She witnessed the fall of Tanya.

With the help of Liz, Tanya finally came to peace with her inner struggles, but it was all too late. Before falling into eternal slumber, Tanya transferred her power to Liz, making her the icon of Light.

5.) Thera

After experiencing“Chaos Wars”and“New World Project”, the Elves fell from power; even their gods abandoned them.

Shrines fell into ruin, clerics left the altar, only Thera was left.To seek the old god’s favor once more, Thera set off on a pilgrimage.

One the way, her mercy and forgiveness stopped many conflicts, restoring peace wherever she goes. The gods were moved by what Thera accomplished and decided to return to Sapphire, bringing salvation to the Elves.

Thera on the other hand was granted the position of keeper of the Lunar Shrine, holy sanctuary of the Elves.

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