Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

The new GTC4 Lusso has changed the sporty four-seater four-wheel drive Grand Tourer concept forever. Even the name of the model references illustrious predecessors, such as the 330 GTC and 330 GT – one of Enzo Ferrari’s Favorites. This is a car designed for those who want to experience the exhilaration for Ferrari driving anywhere, anytime: short spins, long journeys, windy roads and city streets, alone or in a group of four. It is for those who want power but don’t want to compromise on in-car comfort, sporty elegance and refined detailing.

Power Output 507 kW at 8,000 RPM
Acceleration 3.4 per second 0-100km/h
Displacement 6262cc
Engine Type V12 – 65°
Maximum Torque 697 Nm at 5,750 rpm
Maximum Speed 335 km/h
Lenght 4,922 mm or 16.14 feet
Width 1,980 mm or 6.49 feet
Height 1,383 mm or 4.53 feet
Dry Weight 1,790 kg
Weight Distribution 47-53% front/rear
Urban Cycle Fuel Consumption 23.3 L/100km
Extra-Urban Cycle Fuel Consumption 10,8 L/100km
Combined Cycle Fuel Consumption 15,3 l/100km
CO2 Emission Combined Cycle  350g CO₂/km
CO2 Efficiency Class G
Transmission 4RM EVO/4WS/ 7-speed F1 DCT/ E-Diff
Brakes Front (398 mm x 38 mm)
Rear (360 mm x 32 mm)

What’s in it for you?

» The GTC4Lusso exudes elegance and exclusivity, its unprecedented forms underscoring its most dynamic traits in an effortless marriage of sportiness and signature GT elements.

» Penned by Ferrari Design, the GTC4Lusso is a further refinement of the shooting brake coupé, reinterpreting the concept with an extremely streamlined, tapered shape that gives it an almost fastback-like silhouette.

» Another first from the GTC4Lusso is the new, beautifully balanced Dual Cockpit architecture designed to enhance the shared driving experience for both driver and passenger. It features both a Driver Cockpit and a Passenger Cockpit separated by a central divider on which are clustered all of the comfort-oriented controls common to both.

» Intense research and development have boosted the 6,262 cc V12’s maximum power output to 690 cv, making the GTC4Lusso the most powerful car in its segment. Both its 2.6 kg/cv weight-to-power-ratio and its 13.5:1 compression ratio set new records for the category too. Its maximum revs stand at 8,250 rpm.

» In-car acoustic comfort is also significantly better than in the FF, thanks to improved insulation from exterior noise. Needless to say, however, this does not in the least impinge on the signature sound of the Ferrari V12 in the cabin. This was attained by achieving a 20% improvement in rigidity of the car’s chassis attachment points, upgrading of the climate control system which is now 25% quieter, and improved filtering and damping of less-pleasant frequencies through the use of leading-edge materials with targeted acoustic properties.

Right here, is CarWow review on this baby!

For more info kindly visit Ferrari GTC4 Lusso 2018.

PRICE: PHP 13,000,000.00 ± (as of June 2018)

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